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Quick update for the sake of it

So I’ve recently learned that life with a properly-running DeLorean is nowhere near as fun to write about!

Earlier this week, I drove it in to work just to get the dust shaken off. Did I mention that I recently got a new pair of boots? I don’t think I did. But they are very stiff and very wide – and very hard to drive in. The pedals are just too close together. So, I ordered some driving shoes. Nothing too fancy, just a pair of Pumas. We’ll see how that goes.

I also ordered up a new pair of door struts. The ones that DMC Houston sells are pretty notorious for wearing out after only a couple of years, and it looks like mine are pretty much at the end of the line. They support the door, but require some help to fully raise in the first place. That’s no fun, especially with cooler weather coming. And for good measure, I included a replacement vacuum hose routing diagram for the underside of the engine lid. Mine is all heat damaged and bubbly.

Pics of everything to come….

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