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Sacramento Korean Festival

Saturday, some of the local owners and I were invited to show our cars at the Sacramento Korean Festival. It’s not hard to get us to show up to any event, but one where you promise us free food? I’m surprised there weren’t more of us!

The event was a lot of fun – great food, music, costumes, seminars and demonstrations. It was a perfect size and there was a very respectful crowd to see the cars. So respectful, in fact, that we felt comfortable leaving them and exploring and enjoying the festival. Not something we normally get to do!

Thanks go to Ryan for inviting us along and to the festival organizers for being so generous with us and putting on such a fun event. Maybe we’ll be back next year! https://www.facebook.com/kfoodfestival

On to some pictures of the day. As you can see, we had a lot of fun.





Last but not least: we’re The Davids and we approve this message.


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