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Another tech day

So the NCDMC guys had another get-together at Stephen’s place this past weekend. The main goal was to help him tear his motor down for its first VOD job in 13 years. Given how pristine his car is everywhere else, we went in with really high hopes for a smooth and easy job. And we weren’t disappointed – everything came apart very easy, with no broken bolts or difficulty at all.

What we weren’t prepared for, though…


A whole colony of snails had taken up residence in his valley. I can’t even fathom how they would have gotten there – they would have had to climb up from the ground, over the wheels and through the cradle to the motor. Where they got well and truly cooked. We all had a good laugh – “my car may not be as pretty as yours, but at least my engine wasn’t full of SNAILS!”

We also had a chance to meet Ryan, a new owner in the area. He just bought his car a few months ago and was eager to have us all look it over. It’s a very nice ’81 grey auto, and I had a chance to drive it. It ran very nicely but needs some brake work, along with some other things like a roof box reinforcement, torsion bar adjustment, and some various odds and ends. A good solid starting point for a really nice project. We will be meeting up again at his place in a few weeks.

I also located (with some help from friends on the forum) a local shop that will ceramic coat our mufflers. 5 of us are planning to have this done for cosmetic and heat management purposes. More on that as it develops.

This weekend I’ll be at Clint’s place working on his electrical system – we are hoping to get the fusebox replaced and the electrical compartment cleaned up.

As for my own car, Clint put a new outer door seal on the driver’s side for me and I started mounting my new stainless side sill letters!

Side sill in original condition

Stainless letters imported from the UK

Mounted up!

Adds some much needed pop to the sills. I think I like the negative overlay ones like Dave has better, but these are cool too 🙂

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