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Been a while!

As the title says, it’s been quite some time since my last post. That’s because things have been humming along perfectly! I’ve been driving the car at every chance – around town, to work, to tech days with the guys, etc.

This past weekend Clint and I met at David’s place in Lodi and stripped his entire brake system bare. We got the car on stands, removed all 4 calipers, all 4 flex lines, the master cylinder and the front rotors. Got the rotors turned at a local shop while we scrubbed and rebuilt all 4 calipers. New pistons, seals, pads and shims all around. Stainless flex lines at all four corners. Brand new master cylinder. 36 man hours between the three of us, but we ultimately did a hell of a job in one day. I really enjoy working on the brakes on this car. They’re so simple – nothing but mindless wrenching. Nothing fancy or complicated about them, which is refreshing..

The only news relating to my car is that I finally got one of the NCDMC window stickers I’ve been coveting. David actually had a spare one that he gave me while we were there. A day well spent 🙂

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