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Windows back in business

An update to the window regulator situation. After determining that the motor in the drivers’ side door was beyond salvage, I ordered a new set from A1 Electric. They arrived in only two days!

The old (white tube and broken) next to the new (blue tube)

In order to cram the new setup into the door, the motor must separate from the regulator

Motor and regulator inside the door and rejoined to each other

Starting to secure the assembly

Building the pigtail to plug the new motor into the harness

Everything all connected up and working great!

The trick to this whole job was to remove the seat (as I do with any interior work) to allow yourself plenty of room to work. Also, disassembling the motor/regulator to get it into the door was crucially important.

And this video from Martin in the UK was invaluable as well. I don’t know if I’d ever have figured out how to cram everything in here without it. Thanks Martin!

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