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NCDMC Marin Cruise 2012

So today a bunch of the guys in the NCDMC met up for a sweet drive through the redwood forests and up the California coast. It was everything I always imagined owning a DeLorean would one day be. A great drive that was well planned and scenic and a really great group of people… not much more to ask for!

We started at home and met up with Clint and David at my office in Fairfield. From there we cruised down 80 to 37 into Mill Valley, where we met the rest of the group. Then the next stop was Point Reyes, followed by a trip through the redwood forests to North Beach. Then more forests and mountains on the way to Nicasio for lunch. After lunch we mostly went our separate ways, except that Clint, David and Heather stayed with us and took a side trip to Ram’s Gate winery in Sonoma to unwind. The staff there was so tickled by our three cars that they gave us a free bottle of wine. Imagine if we’d shown up with all six!

Here’s a map of the route we took (after meeting up in Mill Valley)

Anyway, on to the photos!

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