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Picnic Day 2013

Time again for what’s becoming an NCDMC tradition! The annual Picnic Day parade at UC Davis. It was a blast as always, with plenty of people to amuse and impress. I had hoped to have 10 cars but schedule conflicts kept us down to 5 this year. Next year is the 100th anniversary of the event, so I hope we can really have an amazing owner turnout!

Here are some photos from the day:

Ryan, looking snazzy in his new car and Tyvek suit. We’re hoping next year he puts a trefoil on the back.

Me and Kate rolling on by

The Proehls with their BTTF props

If you click the link below and get to 1:04, you can see Heather zooming on by with her hoverboard. https://www.aggietv.org/portfolio/99th-annual-picnic-day-2013/

See you all next year!

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