Home Restoration, Log 16

Restoration, Log 16

Another update. Some good stuff since the last one, namely the new stereo. I replaced the speakers all around and put in a new head unit, which required an entirely new center stack to accommodate a modern deck.

The rear speakers are Kenwood KFC-410Cs, the fronts are Infinity 329CFs. The new deck is a JVC KD-R820BT unit which has AM/FM/CD as well as Bluetooth, iPod and Pandora control. It’s a great unit because it has adjustable color settings, so I can customize it to match the rest of the interior lighting. The Bluetooth and iPod control is also great, as is the sound quality.

I also installed the wiring required to install a subwoofer in my locking storage compartment behind the driver’s seat. I will get to that someday.

There was some drama surrounding the stereo install when my first faceplate arrived from Houston all crushed and mangled. I don’t know what happened there, but they sent me a new one right away and it looks great. I was also very surprised to see a whole external amplifier rigged up to the tape deck behind the center console. It was just sitting on the center tunnel, not strapped or screwed down and certainly not connected well since half the speakers weren’t working. That’s all gone now and the DeLorean now has the best and most advanced stereo of all our cars.

Also got my garage door opener installed – Ryan was able to get the fine soldering work done and I installed the module and modified dummy switch. So now I have a hidden/stock looking integrated garage door opener.

Also, today was my first ever car show with 8BIT. I joined a bunch of the Northern California DeLorean Motor Club guys at the Cameron Park airpark for their 22nd annual Show n’ Shine. There were 6 DeLoreans there all told, and we were the stars of the show! The crowds were non-stop and it was a lot of fun. I learned a lot from the guys; they’ve all been owners much, much longer than me. The main points i took away are that my doors are in serious need of adjustment, but that my car is a really good condition early-VIN example. They are confident it will be a great restoration when all is said and done. They are even going to help me get the doors adjusted.

To that end, I ordered a bunch of new door parts that I need to get installed so that the doors are their proper final weight before we adjust the torsion bars. Things like new key lock tumblers, new linear actuators to replace the solenoids, a digital keyless central locking system, and convex side mirrors.

Besides a new flasher relay (for which, by the way, Napa auto parts EP-35 is a direct cross reference as long as you aren’t running LED turn signals) that’s it for now. As always, pictures of the recent progress are in the gallery. The pics from the cameron park show are here.

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