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New headliners!

After spending Saturday morning installing the passenger side door strut bracket, Clint came by yesterday and helped me install my new headliners. They went in nice and easy and look fantastic installed. I broke my front dome light trying to reinstall it though – the new fabric is much thicker than the original stuff was, which made it a tighter fit. The plastic frame on the DeLorean dome lights isn’t particularly robust as it is. I actually have a metal-frame light from a Porsche 928 in the rear. Same size, function and wiring configuration but much stronger.

Anyway, our plan for the day was to go to Pick-n-pull after doing the headliners in the first place. We got VERY lucky and found a junked Porsche 928 that still had one intact dome light! After a cleaning and a slight re-bending of one of the terminals (it was dead shorting and actually blew a fuse in the DeLorean) it was installed and working great.

Some pics of the headliners and fancy new dome light…

Wrapping the fabric up over the roofline and gluing it into place, then reinstalling the door seals. Plastic all over the interior to protect from glue overspray.

Here you can see the detail of the recesses in the headliner boards, which I didn’t realize were there with my old sagging fabric. Perfect lines around the roof and seals, and a perfect color match to the slightly faded (and all but irreplaceable) sunvisors. You can also see my fancy new dome light. Clint in the background, nonchalantly taking a phone call like a badass.

Some more detail on the rear board. I epoxied an aluminum bar to the underside of this one, which we wrapped the fabric over. This gives the rear end of it (closest to the window) a lot more strength and it is straight as an arrow now, instead of sagging in the middle.

Some more detail on the forward board. You can also see the driver’s side door board, newly covered as well.

So now with my doors supported properly, cold start issues fixed, headliners fully installed and the weather finally cooling off – we might be able to start driving again!

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