Home Restoration, Log 5

Restoration, Log 5

Another lengthy day of busted knuckles. today’s list of accomplishments includes:

– Repairing the driver’s side seat back. I’m not sure if this fix is going to hold but for now it seems ok
– Re-attached the two halves of the steering column to one another (they were separated for some reason)
– Re-attached the leather cowl that covers the telescoping portion of the steering shaft
– Fixed the headlight stalk so that my always-on brights work properly now (before, they would only flash, but not stay lit)
– Replaced the little lighted ring around the cigar lighter/12v socket – it works now!
– Replaced a burned out brake lamp
– Replaced a burned out license plate lamp and cleaned the fixtures out
– Finished re-attaching the battery strap so it holds the battery to the body now
– Finished epoxying in rivnuts and screwing the battery door back to the body
– Pulled off the driver’s side rear panel to replace the speaker. Discovered the speaker is already a replacement and is actually working fine, it appears the issue there is in the tape deck itself. Put the new speaker in since I was back there anyway. Did not replace the passenger’s side speaker, as it would require way too much cutting.

Colleen and I then went for a nice long drive around town in it. It’s a pleasure to drive (although one jackass getting too close on my ass at a stoplight on a hill caused a bit of a panic) and runs like a top. I believe it might need new brakes and an alignment, so i’ll add that to the list…

As always, pictures are in the gallery

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