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Restoration, Log 6

A few more minor accomplishments and new issues to list out.

I finally got my new power mirror switch in the mail and got it installed. The mirrors work! This is great news because now I will actually be able to see what I am doing when driving. Before, the mirrors were stuck in a useless position that left me with an even bigger blind spot.

I also replaced the oil light sending unit, which was the main cause of the oil mess on the lower engine. However, now that it’s replaced it is possible that the front main seal is slowly leaking as well, so that’s a project for another day. I need to degrease the engine so I can track where the leak is coming from now – or if there’s even still a leak. The drips might just be oil that is already caked on heating up and dripping off after a drive – the quantity is very, very small and only happens after a drive, never when cold and parked.

So that’s two more things off the list. Yesterday I went up to Clint’s place (another DeLorean owner in Sacramento) to help him tear down his plugs and wires and distributor with dielectric grease in an attempt to clear a pulsing tach signal. It didn’t help – so he probably needs a new pulse coil. But, when i was up there, we took turns driving each others cars. He tells me that I need to consider a new steering rack and a shift linkage overhaul. After driving his, he’s definitely right. It’s much easier to maneuver and much quieter to shift.

I also discovered that my fuse box is starting to melt. This is a common issue on these cars, but I never really checked for it because everything is working so well. Turns out I am going to need to replace the fuse box, and while I’m at it will probably replace all the relays too. It won’t be hard for me as i’m pretty handy with a soldering iron, but it’s annoying. Small price to pay for a safer car, i guess.

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