Home Restoration, Log 8

Restoration, Log 8

Another huge victory today. I finally got the rest of my electrical system parts in and spent the last two days completely removing the breakers, relays and fuse block from the electrical compartment. I had to pull each pair out of the block, label it and then record the colors, orientation and block # in a spreadsheet. Then, I cut off all the barrel terminals, re-crimped new ones and re-labeled the pairs. Then, soldered all of the terminal joints to the wires and re-labeled the pairs a third time. Once all the soldering was done, I reinstalled the pairs into the fuse block, replaced the remaining breakers and re-installed all the relays.

The net result of what added up to about 16 hours of hunching over the tiny and barely accessible electrical bay breathing solder fumes is a gorgeous new electrical bay with a fresh new fuse block in which nothing is melted or overrated. Everything is clean and neat and modernized, and should last another 30 years with no problem.

Basically, I turned this into this. A huge improvement if you ask me…

Now that the electrical system is modern and reliable, it’s time to focus on the A/C – before the summer heat hits us! So, I ordered all new hoses, a new compressor, a new accumulator and pressure switches, refrigerant, oils, seals… the whole deal. Clint and I will tear the old stuff out and replace it with a brand new R134a system next week sometime. It will be great to have working A/C again 🙂

As always, pictures are in the repair log – it’s getting to be pretty extensive.

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