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Restoration, Log 9

A frustrating day working on the D. I have been taking apart the doors to install new outer window wipes and put bits of vinyl tubing around the lock and latch rods where they clank into each other. The net result is a much quieter car – no metal on metal clanging on every bump. Worth it, really – until I started installing the outer wipe on the passenger side (the last step.)

It was cut slightly wrong, which knocked the glass off its track on the front edge. The regulator system is fairly primitive but not that different from any modern car – with the exception that it’s nearly impossible to access anything due to the design of the doors.

Eventually I figured out how to trim the front edge of the wipe and get the regulator re-assembled and the glass back in the tracks, but then I realized that the rear edge of it wasn’t sealing anymore. I spent two hours trying and trying and failing to get the rear edge to seal before I noticed – the regulator motor is laboring pretty hard, and when i am holding the power window switch, the dash lights are dimming. Not enough power?

Started the engine, and the window seals fine. Argh!! As I write this, the car is still in pieces in the garage, because I’m frustrated and upset and that will only lead to me doing a less than perfect job in re-assembling and cleaning up, which is not acceptable. I will get back to it tonight or tomorrow maybe.

On the plus side, the rattles in both doors are gone, the windows seal better than ever (need to get some black rtv silicone to seal in the new outer wipes, but no big deal) and all my new a/c parts arrived. The only thing I’m waiting for now is my vacuum pump and manifold gauges. I couldn’t find anyone to borrow them from so i decided to just buy a set, see how it goes, and flip them on eBay or Craigslist when I’m done. Maybe someone on the DeLorean forums will want them. Or maybe i’ll just keep them, you never know when they might come in handy. Either way, I’ll be properly equipped for the job at hand and that’s what matters.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my hands are gushing blood from working inside these doors (knives are made from stainless too, you know)

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