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Restoration, Log 12

Just a quick update: the car is out of commission and has been parked for about a week. A loose connection caused the new alternator to burn up (or perhaps vice-versa, I really have no idea) – but either way, the car’s dead in the water while the alternator is being rebuilt (or replaced if necessary) in Texas. On the up side, since she’s not going anywhere anyway, I am also having the taillight boards refurbished so I won’t have any more bulbs out.

Before she died, we took advantage of a beautiful day in town to do some more interesting photos at the new college campus. Check them out here.

Also, Clint’s back in town and I’ve got a bunch more parts on the way – this time, it’s a new water pump, new side hoses, new stainless fuel lines, new silicone vacuum hoses, transmission lip seals, a crankshaft main seal, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel/oil/air filters, and some other little odds and ends. I also hope to clean and POR-15 the intake valley with Clint’s help.

That’s all for now… stay tuned.

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