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A few small fixes

Just a quick update. Over the last week I’ve been tracking down a cold start issue with the engine. It was taking lots and lots of cranking to get it started when it was completely cold and/or it had sat for a few days. After pulling the cold start valve and putting it in a glass jar, I confirmed that it was not spraying fuel. The function of this valve is to supply a metered spray of gas directly into the intake manifold during cranking to allow the car to start easier. There is a temperature-sensitive switch in the thermostat housing that governs the function of the injector. After days and days of troubleshooting I determined that this switch was bad. Replacing it was a 10 minute job and now the motor turns over quickly and easily again.

But during the troubleshooting, I was rooting around in the relay compartment and heard an odd noise. It turned out that the main relay had developed a loose base and the slightest touch would cause the car to come to life as though the ignition key had been turned on. Dangerous and disconcerting. So I replaced that relay as well. Funny thing – everyone says that this particular part never goes bad. Lucky me to have it fail….


I also installed the driver’s side door strut bracket, recently upgraded by Byrne. No more flex in the bracket with weight on the stud, and the door stands about 6″ taller than before. Very pleased about that.

Now I just have to install the passenger side bracket and I can reinstall the headliners. I have also discovered that the differential adjusting nut is probably on too tight (tolerances must have changed when the transmission case halves were split) and needs to be loosened to eliminate an annoying whine from the drivetrain at speed.

More to come….

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