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Replacement pedal pads

My new pedal pads finally came in. The clutch pedal pad has been torn as long as I’ve had the car, and it keeps falling off and going behind the pedals. Not comfy, attractive, or particularly safe. Well, that’s finally fixed.

The newly made brake and clutch pads have the ‘DMC’ logo molded into them. The accelerator pedal is NOS and still had a ton of mold-release wax on it.

The new pads. The white crap on the accelerator pad is mold release wax from 30 years ago.

The old pads. Note that the clutch pedal has fallen off on the floor. That’s where it spent most of its time.

Old and new pads side by side. The new ones sure do look a lot nicer

New pads installed and looking good! I like that the DMC logo is there if you look closely, but isn’t obvious or showy at a glance. Nice touch.

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